Steps Before Start the Engine

7 October 2016

Walk around checking and checking before start the engine are some steps to maintain heavy equipment top performance.

There are a lot of steps to maintain the customers’ heavy equipment top performance from complete checking to daily simple checking. In this UT Updates edition, we will share easy and applicable checking heavy equipment prior its utilization.

  1. Walk around check

    Walk around check is a checking that conducted by monitoring around and under the heavy equipment or machine. Do a walk around checking prior to start the engine. There are some steps to do the walk around checking:

    1. Checking any possibility of fluid leak, such as water coolant, fuel or oil. Make sure that there is no dripping fluid.
    2. Checking bolts and nuts tightness to avoid any loosening out bolts and nuts. Tight the bolts and nuts if necessary.
    3. Checking hydraulic systems, attachments and wiring to avoid any loosening out.

      In addition, a walk around check aims to ensure the machine, radiator and other components are dust-free and clean otherwise it can generate more heat.
  2. Check before starting
    The second simple steps are checking the machine before ignition. Prior to engine ignition, it is necessary to check the indicators in cabin panel. Make it sure that the equipment is in good operational condition.
    There are few to-do-lists in the second step:
  1. Checking water coolant, fuel and oil volume. If the volume is less than the factory recommended level, add more water coolant, fuel and oil.
  2. Checking the brake pedal travel, dust indicator, lightning function, horn, and backup alarm. Fix any malfunction if necessary.

Please take a notice, it must be any possibility of troubleshooting when a unit is under operation. Hence, when customers find warning tag hanging on the work equipment control lever inside the cabin, it means that the unit is not available to operate. Please inform the on-duty mechanics to fix the problem immediatedly to avoid worse breakdown if the unit keeps on operating.

If customers find any unresolved breakdown or problem in doing walk around check and check before starting the engine, please contact UT mechanics by dialing UT contact service center at 500-072. We are ready to help customers for 1x24 hours at anytime and anywhere.

Some tips and tricks above may help maintaining your heavy equipment top performance. Have a try!