INSTALLMENT PROMO Rp 19 Millions/month

7 October 2016


7 Advantages of Buying SCANIA P310LA 6x4:

1. It’s a collaboration program with leasing, that provides CHEAPER installment

2. Get interesting and qualified maintenance packages with afforable prices

3. Fuel EFFICIENT with the ratio of  1 liter to 3 km*

4. Generate a strong torque to reach customer’s productivity

5. Standard Warranty: 1 year unlimited kilometer

6. 1 year Extended Powertrain Warranty**

7. Get a reliable product support guarantee: UT Guaranteed Product Support

            • Quick access for sparepart

            • Direct access for support assistance through UT Call di 1-500-0727


*For manufacture standard operation
**With Preventive Mintenance Package (PMP)