New Variant of Scania Truck with Higher Payload Capacity 25 %

7 September 2017

“PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) as a single distributor of Scania brand in Indonesia will introduce a new variant of truck for mining applications with payload capacity higher by up to 25 percent .”

The drop of coal prices during the last three years, especially in 2016 when it hit the lowest level, had significantly impacted the mining sector. Although the coal has been recently seeing a slight increase of prices, the market is still requiring all mining players to improve their efficiency in order to survive. One of the biggest costs of operations in mining is coal hauling and overburden. In order to accelerate the coal production process with certain level of efficiency, very often mining mining players allow more than tolerable loading or known as overload. Such condition is contra productive from the perspective of security and Total Operating Economy (TOE).

Total Operating Economy (TOE)
Based on TOE consideration, the effective age of truck will decrease when the truck has to carry excessive load. In line with its exponential function, the decrease of components’ effective age due to overloading is higher than due to underloading. This should be seriously considered by mining players as it will affect the productivity, besides other factors such as the short cycle of material transportation, the compatibility of loading facility and the balance condition of vehicles’ flow in the mining site. Other than that, the truck will lose warranty.
To help mining players in facing the challenges of their businesses, particularly on their need of trucks with higher capacity but economic, Scania has produced a new variant in Indonesia that will be introduced in September this year.

New variant of Scania truck

The new variant of Scania truck has undergone an improvement of components in chasis and powertrain which enables the increase of payload capacity by up to 25 percent. It has two types of configurations, namely 6x4 for overburden application, and 8x4 for coal hauling application.

All advantages owned by the new variant of Scania truck to reach better Total Operating Economy (TOE), such as the increase of payload capacity and no more overload, will enable customers to improve efficiency due to higher availability of trucks, longer effective age of trucks, lower energy consumption to transport higher payload at the same distance, and the use of less trucks that will reduce traffic density in the mining site.

Besides, UT as a distributor will certainly not only pay attention to the quality of products it sells, but also the guarantee of products after sales which is known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS). It consists of the guarantee of spare parts delivery, mechanics and repairtime if problem arise. The service is supported with distribution networks of 20 branch offices, 22 site support, 10 representative offices, and 14 mine offices.

Trucks are part of investment which needs a relatively large amount of fund and risky. It has to be considered seriously before deciding to buy, to avoid any potential loss in the future. UT, therefore, has always given the best solution for customers in procuring the trucks and in providing after sales services.

For consultations on the need of trucks for mining sector and information on the new variant of Scania truck, you can visit the booth of United Tractors, outdoor site at trade event of “Mining Indonesia 2017”, which will be organized by Pamerindo on September 13 – 16, 2017 in JIExpo, Jakarta.

For further information, contact the UT Call which can be accessed through 1 500 072, whenever and wherever you need.