United Tractors Launches Scania Heavy Tipper

11 October 2017

PT United Tractors Tbk has launched the new product for mining industries, Scania Heavy Tipper. It will definitely increase the productivity by reducing the operation  costs and offer better operational risks management. A smart solution for efficient mining process.

In mining, trucks operate all day long with repeating cycle to remove materials. Often times passing through rough paths and taking overload will exert heavy burden on trucks’ main spare parts, such as machinery, gearbox, suspension and axles. In long term, it will significantly reduce the longevity of the trucks’ components, which will then cut the  operational time and productivity of customers’ businesses. Besides, the overload can be counter-productive from the perspective of safety and Total Operating Economy (TOE).

To deal with such problem, customers need a truck with bigger payload to generate more efficient mining. Therefore, UT and Scania give a smart solution to change mining sector toward better condition by offering newest variant of truck, Scania Heavy Tipper, which has 25 % more payload.

For Indonesian market, Scania Heavy Tipper is offered with two variants of model, namely Scania P360CB-6X4 and P410CB-8x4. Having loading capacity of 30 tons,  Scania P360CB-6X4 is the right one to choose for application of overburden. The Scania P410CB-8x4 has loading capacity of 40 tons, which is the right one for the application of coal hauling.

Increased Productivity
Scania Heavy Tipper has optimal performance in dealing with the toughest mining field condition, which will support the increase of customers’ productivity and income. It is due to the improvement in the components used, such as front suspension  at the capacity of 11 tons; rear suspension  at the capacity of 36 tons; axle gear of RBP900 type and gearbox of GRSO935/R type with input capacity of 3500 Nm; and brake system  with better performance.

Reduce operating cost
Having more payload, Scania Heavy Tipper will support customers in reaching production target with less trucks, drivers, and fuel consumption. It will reduce overall costs per ton.

Scania Heavy Tipper  also supports customers in reaching better TOE due to longer lifetime of components, and bigger  loading payload, which then allows higher availability of trucks and prevent customers from loss of warranty caused by overloading.

Better operational risk management
With bigger payload, the  Scania Heavy Tipper will also increase safety in mining by minimizing work accidents due to traffic density and overloading. Other than that, CO2 emissions in mining can also be reduced as number of trucks in operation are fewer.

After-sales service guarantee
As a distributor, UT will of course not only pay attention to the quality of products it self, but also guarantee a certainty of after-sales service which is known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS). It guarantees the certainty of spare parts supply, mechanics and lead time for fixing  units if there is any trouble.

The services are supported with a wide range of operational network through 20 branch offices, 22 site support, 10 representative offices, and 14 mining offices.

For further information, customers can contact the UT contact centre named UT Call  which can be accessed through phone number of 1 500 072, any time and anywhere.

For more info, please check our website, products.unitedtractors.com