Komatsu WB93R-5E0

6 September 2016

Backhoe Loader with Premium Performance. President Joko Widodo administration has recently launched the biggest infrastructure development that the country has ever seen to boost the national economy. The 35,000-megawat power project, 153 ports, 621-mile toll road, 2,024-mile railways, irrigation system for 1 million hectare, and 49 dams to support the irrigation system are several infrastructure projects now underway.

To support these infrastructure projects, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) is presenting Komatsu WB93R-5E0, the latest generation of backhoe loader from Komatsu. Having been developed to meet customer’s needs, Komatsu WB93R-5E0 is a user-friendly, premium-performance backhoe loader. The unit comprises two working devices, the front loader and backhoe that can expand the unit’s working function in all operational conditions like digging, material transportation, and drainage construction.   

Premium Performance and High Productivity
Komatsu WB93R-5E0 can deliver premium performance and high productivity with its power and big capacity in its class. Its superiority is the Closed Load Sensing System that allows efficiency in the power needed and the power supplied, working in “speed up” or “standard” mode in the front loader and “power” or “economy” in the backhoe. With the mode, the operator can adjust the backhoe loader for optimum power or fuel efficiently.

Komatsu WB93R-5E0 backhoe loader is a side-shift type (European-designed) on which the backhoe can be moved to the left and the right, enabling it to work in a wider work area, is foldable so it can maneuver in narrow space, and does not turn over while on high speed.

Exclusive Design to Support Performance
The front loader is designed for optimum loading. With shape of the arm different from other arms that improve operator’s visibility, contributing to a very good loading. On the rear frame, the backhoe is designed with the clean and functional features, applying hoses and hydraulic pipes running on the boom. The S-shaped design of the backhoe can improve the capability in loading and in widening the work area.  The telescopically shaped arm of the backhoe also significantly enhances the engine flexibility. 
The exclusive design of Komatsu WB93R-5E0 is perfected with ergonomic cabin design. With easy-to-access control panel and comfortable holders, the operator can work maximally. Spacious cabin and wide windows and various storage compartments enable the operator to work comfortably in extended time.
After-sale Service

For every purchase of Komatsu WB93R-5E0, UT gives the after-sale service known as UT Guaranteed Product Support in form of certainty in delivering spare parts, mechanics, and repair time. UT also owns the 24-hour contact center (UT Call) accessible at 1 500 072.