Komatsu Dump Truck HD465-7 Provides Solution For Mining Sector

28 September 2016

“PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) understands customers’ need of the proper hauling heavy equipment for mining activities. Since 2006, United Tractors has introduced Komatsu Dump Truck HD465-7, a product that is primarily designed and dedicated for overburden removal.”


The latest generation of HD465-7 applies the cutting-edge technology to ensure higher productivity and more efficient fuel consumption. It also not only provides safety and comfort for the operators but also has more durability and reliability.

HD465-7 utilizes engine type of SAA6D170E-3 turbocharged, a diesel engine with air-to-air cooling system that produces net maximum 715 horsepower. The high performance engine is supported by sophisticated cooling system and advanced fuel pre-filter. The product has an environment-friendly engine due to its tin-and-aluminum-free radiator.


High performance for high productivity

Tough performance of the engine in HD465-7 provides fast acceleration and operation with higher horsepower per ton scale. The combination of high torque performance at low revolutions per minute, perfect acceleration and more efficient fuel consumption will provide maximum productivity.

HD465-7 runs more efficient engine and advanced transmission controller. New valve censor reduces pressure on the hydraulic system and it makes the dump truck runs more comfortably. Moreover, automatic retard system control with larger capacity of retarder enables the operator to manage a more stable acceleration during downhill driving.


Comfortable and safe cabin for operator

HD465-7 features ergonomic cabin design that provides relaxing and comfortable environment for the operator. Unique design and wide cabin of Komatsu provides less noise and shake. The clean and integrated ROPS/FOPS cabin condition gives protection for operator to the possibility of rolling over. Moreover, the electric control lever for dump body will make dumping process much easier.


Durability, reliability and easier maintenance

Full hydraulic control wet multiple disc braking system ensures the reliable and stable braking performance. Continuously cooled wet multiple disc brake also works as very responsive retarder which will offer greater operator confidence during downhill operations. The wet disc brake is totally sealed to protect it from external contamination, reduce the wear and tear and easier maintenance.

HD465-7 is easier to maintain and the braking system is designed with more reliability as it has three independent hydraulic circuits, so the back-up hydraulic will replace the broken down hydraulic. Second, filter service and centralized lubrication point make it easier to maintain. Komatsu’s sophisticated diagnostic on board system maximizes engine production interval by identifying the maintenance types, reducing diagnostic time and showing a timely lubricant and filter replacement.

HD465-7 also features Komatsu Vehicle Monitoring System to monitor main components condition and enable engine evaluation and operation.


After sales Service

For after sales service, United Tractors will provide after sales service guarantee for customers renowned as UT Guaranteed Product Support to all authorized products, including Komatsu Dump Truck HD465-7.

The after sales service is supported by a reliable wide range network in all around Indonesia, covering 19 branch offices, 22 supporting operations and 12 representative offices.

For further information, please call our 24 hours contact center service of Komatsu Dump Truck HD46-7 by dialing UT Call 500 072, anywhere and anytime.