The Right Choice for Your Agro Business

1 August 2018

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) is introducing the new Komatsu PC160LC-8 Hydraulic Excavator for Indonesian market to support operations in palm oil plantation.”

Palm oil cultivation is still a promising business in Indonesia and as we know Indonesia is world’s biggest palm oil producer. To support improvement of competitiveness of Indonesia’s palm oil in the global market, the government also enacted Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) in 2009.

In palm oil plantation business, several factors contribute to those engaged and one of the crucial ones is initial selection of the right heavy equipment for investment. The right heavy equipment is necessary for the initial land clearing so the business will later yield turn high productivity with minimized operational cost.

Stages of Work of Heavy Equipment for Palm Oil Plantation

In series of operations in a plantation, several types of heavy equipment such as hydraulic excavator, motor grader, bulldozer, and refused compactor play the main role in land clearing, drainage construction, road construction and maintenance, and replantation.

Prior to planting, the main task operation is to do the land clearing using the hydraulic excavator. On a dry soil the excavator is used to build drainage tunnel on road and on the terracing of a hilly land the excavator performs ‘cut’ and ‘fill’, an operation to move the soil at the hilly part for making the drainage tunnel and terracing.

On a wet or mangrove area, to reduce the surface of ground water, the excavator is used to make the drainage tunnel and to clear the tunnel from bushes and trees. Not only that, after seeds are planted, the excavator can be functioned for maintenance of the tunnel and for seeding.

Komatsu PC160LC-8 Hydraulic Excavator

To meet Indonesian market for heavy equipment in agro sector, UT is offering Komatsu PC160LC-8 Hydraulic Excavator, complete with its after sales service known as UT Guaranteed Product Support.

Komatsu PC160LC-8 is powered with 115 HP (SAE J1349) and has bucket capacity of 0.85 m³. Its engine is of SAA4D107E-1 that comes with ECO3 technology (ecology and economy technology 3) which is electronic control technology, hydraulic technology, and engine technology. The technology enables the excavator to perform superbly and is environment-friendly.

For the operation, the excavator is equipped with Power Mode and Economy Mode, adjustable depending on the work condition. During heavy operation, operator will select Power Mode to produce the maximum power and during light operation he can choose Economy Mode for fuel efficiency. In actual condition, Komatsu PC160LC-8 consumes four up to sixteen liters per hour.

Komatsu PC160LC-8 is equipped with latest technology Komatsu Machine Tracking System (Komtrax), the internet-based surveillance system for heavy equipment. Komtrax can supply information on location, condition and operation of the excavator anywhere and anytime.

Not only boasting ample facilities, Komatsu PC160LC-8 can be operated for reseeding. With chipper bucket attachment it can collapse unproductive trees and tear them down.

After Sales Service

As sole distributor of Komatsu brand in Indonesia, UT has support facilities through 20 branch offices, 22 support offices, and 11 representative offices. Customers in remote location will find it very convenient to purchase this excavator as UT provides the excellent service with wide distribution areas stretching from Sabang to Merauke.

For every purchase of Komatsu PC160LC-8, UT guarantees the excellent after sale service known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (GPS) with certainty in spare delivery, mechanic provision, and time length for repair. UT also provides a 24-hour contact center at 1 500 072 that can be reached from anywhere.