Komatsu Wheel Loader WA 150-5: Presents the Latest Technology

21 January 2020

Wheel Loaders is a four driving wheels heavy equipment for moving and loading materials, such as soil, quarry & harvested fruit. Komatsu WA150-5 is a series of wheel loaders which support those applications especially in construction and agriculture.

The latest technology of Komatsu WA150-5 uses the hydro static transmission. It makes more agile and easy to operate. With the variable displacement of piston pump, operator can adjust the working speed easily. Komatsu WA150-5 operates with 96 HP engine power and consumes 10% lower fuel compared to the previous generation which the engine works at low speed.

Komatsu WA150-5 is equipped with a variable shift control system. This can be advantage for material loading. The v-shape loading allows operator to adjust the speed at 1 and 2 (5km / h -13.6km).

Komatsu has built a reputation of trust and realibility. Nowadays, Komatsu is market leader of heavy equipment in Indonesia through United Tractors (UT) as the sole distributor in Indonesia.