Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX

28 September 2016

“PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) presents Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX to fulfill crane demand in consruction and oil & gas sectors.”

As the sole distributor of Tadano in Indonesia, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) presents a Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX which is designed specifically to operate in  of on-road and off-road terrain in the construction sector and oil & gas.

Generally, in the construction sector, Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX is applied to endorse building construction. While  in the oil & gas industry, Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX supports the operational activities, pipes transports, maintenance and other supporting facilities.

The excellence of Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX

The highly flexible product can operate in a relatively narrow space with maximum capacity of 80 tons. It is supported by 4 steering modes namely 2 wheel front, 2 wheel rear, 4 wheel coordinated and 4 wheel crab.

Tadano has developed GR-800EX traveling capability to assure the product runs steadily at the average speed 36 km/hour. The latest Automatic Moment Limiter (AML-C) system ensures the product operates under the high safety level.

AML-C will automatically detect the outrigger width on the front side, rear side, right hand and left hand when the crane is extended asymmetrically to maximize the lifting power for each area independently.

Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX has 5-section round shape booms with extended length up to 47 meters. The product offers high quality as it is made of high tensile steel providing lighter boom and better durability.

Aftersales Service

By purchasing all authorized products, including Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-800EX, United Tractors provides aftersales service guarantee renowned as UT Guaranteed Product Support. Moreover, the customers will get some special services as follows:

  1. One year unit guarantee
  2. Free periodical service package for 4 times
  3. Delivery training for customers’ operators and mechanics
  4. Refresh training for operators after 6 months since delivery training
  5. Providing United Tractors reliable mechanics who available for 24 hours

For further information, please contact UT Call 24 hours contact centre service by dialing 1 500 072.