United Tractors present in Indonesia, Mining, Construction, and Truck Expo 2017

6 September 2017

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) will take part in the Indonesia, Mining, Construction and  Truck Expo 2017, which will be held from September 13 to 16, 2017 in the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. This event is an international trade exhibition with Indonesian market segment organized by Pamerindo regularly in every two years.


As a leader in Indonesia’s heavy equipment market, United Tractors will feature heavy equipment units and trucks for applications in mining and construction from the world’s top brands of Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag and Tadano. Other than that, United Tractors will introduce the efficiency program of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) solution for heavy equipment, latest technology to support customers in realizing their business successes, and guarantee for after-sale services which is known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS).


Heavy Equipment Series to Support Mining

 To support the mining sector, the series of heavy equipment and trucks that will be featured by United Tractors during the Indonesia, Mining, Construction and Truck Expo 2017 are hydraulic excavator Komatsu PC2000-8, dump truck Komatsu HD785-7, UD Trucks Quester and Scania trucks of newest variants. The Komatsu PC2000-8 is a hydraulic excavator with the category of big loader, which functions to load materials into trucks during the works of over burden removal and coal removal In this work, Komatsu PC2000-8 will reach optimal production if combined with the dump truck Komatsu HD785-7. The two units are used in big scale mining.


For removal works in medium scale mining, miners can use UD Trucks Quester or Scania trucks with applications adjusted for customers’ needs. During the Indonesia, Mining, Construction and Truck Expo 2017, United Tractors will launch a new product with an advantage of being able to improve Total Operating Economy (TOE).


Heavy Equipment for Construction

For construction, series of heavy equipment to be featured by United Tractors during the Indonesia, Mining, Construction and Truck Expo 2017 are hydraulic excavator Komatsu PC195LC-8, asphalt finisher Bomag BF 300 P, single drum rollers Bomag BW 219 D-4, tandem vibratory rollers Bomag BW 100 AD-4, and rough terrain crane Tadano GR-500EXL.


Komatsu PC195LC-8 is an alternative of excavator of 20-ton category with low consumption of fuels and high performance in supporting optimal productivity. In construction sector, this equipment is suitable to be used for various applications of works, such as loading material, cut and fill, sloping, and stone breaking.


Special for road construction works, United Tractors will feature series of equipment units of Bomag products. For spreading asphalt hot mix from Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP) during base lines making, sub- base and surface of asphalted roads, and spreading sand-stone mix on road foundation, the Asphalt finisher Bomag BF 300 P can be used.


For soil compaction during construction of road, parking lots, buildings, airports, and dams, Bomag Single Drum Rollers BW 219 D-4 can be used which can be combined with the pad foot clamping Kit. For compaction of asphalt layers and bearing course for construction and maintenance of roads, airports, and parking lots, tandem vibratory rollers Bomag BW 100 AD-4 can be used. Besides, United Tractors will also feature rough terrain crane Tadano GR- 500EXL which functions to remove materials and heavy equipment for constructions of bridges and storied buildings. This product has a high flexibility as it can be operated in several sectors of works inconstruction, mining, and oil and gas.

Efficiency Program of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) for Heavy Equipment Solution

United Tractors will not only offer series of quality products, but also offer solutions for customers in optimizing the performance of heavy equipment through the concept of Life Cycle Cost (LCC). It is a concept to effectively analyze and determine choices of costs in investments of heavy equipment for certain life cycle from consideration of purchasing price, financing, operational costs which include fuel costs, fixing and maintenance costs, operatorship cost, up to the resale value of the heavy equipment. The basic principle of LCC is to cut all paid costs, increase productivity, and increase resale value of the heavy equipment.

After Sale Services

 During the Indonesia, Mining, Construction and Truck Expo 2017, United Tractors will also feature latest technology of the serial products brokered by United Tractors as authorized sales agent. The application of the technology is supported by satellite for sending data which functions to monitor condition, position and operation of heavy equipment from long distance after sale period. The technology being used is the Komtrax, UD Telematics, Bomag Telematic, Scania Fleet Management System, and Hello Net.


Other than that, United Tractors will also introduce after sale product guarantee which is known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS). It provides a certainty of sending spare parts, mechanics, and time of fixing heavy equipment in case of trouble. The services are supported by a wide range of operational network through 20 branch offices, 22 site support, 10 representative offices, and 14 mining offices.


United Tractors also provides contact centre services named UT Call, which can be accessed through phone number 1 500 072, anytime and anywhere.