Bomag Terameter & BCM 05: Effective for Mine Road Maintenance

28 May 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: A proper mining road conditions are key to determine the productivity of heavy equipment in the mining business. It requires special attention to build a decent road such as periodic maintenance until the addition of reinforcing materials to increase the density of the road.

Single drum rollers are usually used for road mining maintenance. However, sometimes non-optimal usage of heavy equipment resulting some roads that are not fully compacted become easily bent or deformed.

Bomag Terrameter

PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) as a distributor of Bomag in Indonesia presents Bomag Terrameter technology, a soil compaction measurement system on Bomag Single Drum Rollers. This technology equipped with measuring sensors on the drum to measure soil compaction results.

The sensors will record acceleration of the vibrating drum and the dynamic stiffness of the soil by the “EVIB value” or MN/m2 units. With this value, operator could track the level of soil compaction in real-time through a digital display on the cabin. Bomag Terrameter also equipped by a printer to print each track of compaction results.

Bomag Compaction Management 

United Tractors and Bomag also offer additional technology features namely "Bomag Compaction Management or BCM05" to monitor road density which could also record data from the previous day's progress.

BCM05 has advantages of being able to store data that obtained from Bomag Terrameter on a tablet monitor. This data could be downloaded and transferred to mining supervisor's or engineering team's computer to be processed for further reports and job evaluation. BCM05 also could be equipped with Bomag GPS to get detail coordinates of the compacted area.

In mining sector, Bomag BCM05 technology could view the weak spots of the road. It makes Bomag Single Drum Roller's operator easier to detect parts of "not optimally compacted or over compacted" roads. It is proven that the utilization Bomag BCM05 technology could improve effectiveness Bomag Single Drum Roller utilization.

The improvement of the mining road quality also could increase the productivity of dump trucks that loads material from mining and overburden (OB) operations due toincreasing of travel speed and fuel saving.

Bomag BCM05 technology proven to make mining operation more efficient as well as increase the productivity.

Soil Compaction Optimization Through Bomag Evib Meter Technology