UT Tips: Replacing Engine Oil and Engine Oil Filter

28 April 2020

UTTips, Jakarta: It is essential to follow the instructions of Operation and Maintenance Manual (OMM) for the maintenance of heavy equipment in order to keep its excellent condition. Upkeep the heavy equipment machine through OMM procedures could make the vital components such as engine will has longer lifespan.

PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) is an authorized distributor of a world-renowned brands: Komatsu. UT provides not only best brand in heavy equipment, yet as well as genuine spare parts which could get accessed easily by the customers through e-commerce which is KlikUT.com. It is highly recommend to buy genuine spare parts so that reliability and durability of the products will always maintained.

In the meantime to keep the heavy equipment at its optimum, we will share UT Tips thus customers shall do a self-maintenance, such as replacing the engine oil filter on Komatsu product.

Please bear in mind for always replacing the engine oil filter with genuine parts every time the engineoil is changed.

Disposing The Engine Oil

First, prepare a container for the drained oil. Then, look for a drain valve at the bottom of the engine. Please be cautions when you open the drain valve after the engine is switched off due to the heat of the oil temperature.

UTTips Note: You may dispose the oil when the engine is start to cool.

Replacing Engine Oil Filter

Unwrap the engine oil filter by using a special tools (key) and rotate the filter cartridge in a clockwise direction. Afterwards dumped the oil at the container into a special disposal that you have prepared. In the end put a new oil filter cartridge then fill in with similar clean engine oil.

UTTips Note: You may load the oil from the small holes surrounding the sieve (bear in mind for not load the oil through the large holes in the center of the sieve).

For preventing damage during installation and when tightening the oil filter container, it is necessary to lubricate the packing surface as the next step and screw the new oil filter container with clean engine oil (or coatted with thin oil).

After the oil is added, attach the oil engine filter by tighten it into 3/4 until 1 round as counterclockwise.

Disclose the drain valve slowly up to the oil has been emerged. Then expose the valve fully until the engine oil pan is run out. Finally, you could close the drain valve and tighten securely.

Filling The Engine Oil

After replacing the oil filter, the next step is adding engine oil through the engine oil filler which located on the right or left of the engine. Ensure fill in the fluid based on specification and amount recommendation by OMM in between H (high) and L (low) marks on dipstick as shown picture below.

Run the engine at low idle for a while, then stop the engine. Ensure for the oil level is between H and L marks on the dipstick. Finally, you are require to clean up your working area and assure for no spilled oil on the ground to avoid environmental pollution.

UTtips Note: Dispose the used oil and dirty rags at the special container.

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