United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

As the largest heavy equipment distributor and a leading Indonesian. We provide not only products of world famous brands such as Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, Tadano, but also serves service service. To always offer the best for you. We did improve the quality of after-sales service by providing:


4 Straight Customer Experiences3 Main Customer Experiences

    • Standardized United Tractors After Sales Services:

      1. Machine Inspection Program
        Regular inspection program to accurately obtain your heavy equipments data condition, as repair recommendation to keep your heavy equipment in prime condition.

      2. Unit Monitoring Program
        A program to find out all of the information you need about your heavy equipment, such as: actual location, daily operating time, fuel consumption, oil changes alert as well as parts replacement schedule.

      3. Undercarriage Inspection Program
        This program applies for the purchase of track type units such as dozer and excavator. This is to get the information about components condition of the undercarriage as well as its replacement schedule.

      4. Product Support Training
        Product Support Training is prepared for your operators and mechanics. Operators will be trained to understand how to perform daily checking; whereas mechanics will be developed to be able to perform excellent periodical service checking as well as spare part warehouse management.
      1. OTIF Parts
        We guarantee the spare parts availability as well as delivery time between customer place order and the parts are -received.

      2. OTIF Mechanic
        We guarantee the delivery time of reliable mechanics when customers experience unit problem.

      3. OTIF Solution
        We guarantee unit repairment time between customers request until the unit is ready for use again.


      For any guarantees are not met, we provide compensation.*
      *Terms and conditions apply

    • Our commitment as your business partner is to keep your heavy equipments in prime condition and to provide the optimum result.

      1. Unit Exchange Program (Program Tukar Alat)
        This program will help you to reduce cost and downtime. Customers can also exchange the obsolete or damaged components with remanufactured components.

      2. Unit Monitoring Program (Program Monitoring Alat)
        Together with KOMATSU, we provide web based technology called KOMTRAX / VHMS to monitor the operating time and fuel consumption of your heavy equipment as well as the operators work cycle on the location.

      3. Oil Analysis Program (Program Analisa Pelumas)
        We also collaborate with international standard laboratory to do oil analysis program. Oil analysis will help to detect reduced performance of internal spare parts.

      4. Chassis Maintenance Program (Program Perawatan Chasis)
        We offer chassis maintenance with competitive price through this program, in order to reduce your cost.

      5. Engine Inspection Program (Program Pemeriksaan Mesin)
        Our reliable mechanics will also provide recommendation for your equipments repair requirements based on actual data.
    • parts-program-united-tractors

      We provide a series of high value spareparts program to support your needs whenever required.

      1. Undercarriage Inspection Program (Program Pemeriksaan Undercarriage)
        Through the Undercarriage Inspection Program, we will provide sensible replacement recommendation with comprehensive assessment to ensure effective maintenance cost of your undercarriage.

      2. Parts Package & Kits Program (Program Parts Package & Kits)
        We provide various attractive offers for the purchase of a variety of package and kits in terms of quality and price that meets your need.

      3. Extended Warranty Program (Program Extended Warranty)
        Exclusive for our customer, we will provide an extended warranty up to 8000 hours with the use of genuine filter. Spareparts Consultation Program (Program Spareparts Consultation) In order to support your business, we provide consultations about spare parts requirements.
    • You will enjoy convenient transaction especially for the purchase of spareparts through financing program. In this program, we work together with distinguished banks in Indonesia. This facility is provided because we understand your business need and we are committed to offer you the best solution.

    • UT Call, a 24-hour contact center service, provides you the convenience in accessing the informations you need. Through UT Call, we are ready to send our mechanics anytime and anywhere you need.

    • In order to maintain the quality of our services, we have 40 workshops and a number of manufacturing facilities that are spread out across Indonesia.

    • In order to ensure the availability and speed in providing spareparts, we have built and managed more than 117 warehouses and parts distribution center as part of our distribution network across Indonesia.

    • We provide mechanics with reliablie technical capability, skill and knowledge to provide the right level of preventive maintenance with up-to-date technical specification.

    • In order to equip and improve the technical competence of the mechanics and staffs, we organize continuous training programs. Not only our products that are thriving, our mechanics also customize their knowledge and competence to follow the industry growth. Thus, there is no need to doubt the ability of our mechanics.