Soil Compactors

BC 772 EB-2


(Indonesia) Bomag BC 772 EB-2 merupakan soil compactors digunakan untuk pekerjaan penyebaran dan pemadatan tanah pada skala besar. Unit ini memiliki lebar kerja 3.800 mm dan berat kerja 35.300 kg sehingga pekerjaan pemadatan tanah dilakukan dengan maksimal. Unit ini memiliki kelengkapan standar seperti mesin tier 3 yang handal, ROPS/FOPS, kontrol keausan pada sirkuit hidrolik, dan penyaring gas carbon.

  • 3600 mm

    Working Width
  • 330 kW / 420 HP

  • 35.300 kg

    Operating Weight

Perfect Traction

Thanks to the oscillating articulated joint, this product can be used perfectly in various terrains and conditions. In addition, this product is also featured with a twin pump drive system and load limit control to provide strong traction and better safety during operation.

Durability and Efficiency

The chill cast wheel teeth is specially designed to increase service life and reduce operating costs. Each wheel equipped with a scraper which functions to ensure the wheel teeth in a clean condition during operation. This product has a cooling system design that draws clean air from the top of the cabin to provide maximum cooling efficiency.

Easy Maintenance

This product is easy for maintenance because it has an accessible single hood design. In addition, the air conditioning system is also equipped with a reversible fan for easy cleaning.


Telematic Technology

Bomag Telematic is a standard module integrated into the machine’s systems and sensors. The Telematic module, in the machine, constantly monitors GPS data to provide machine position, fuel consumption information in real time.


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