Combination Rollers

BW 131 ACW-5


With an operating weight of 3.5 t and a working width of 1.3 m, the Bomag BW 131ACW-5 is suitable for use in the construction industry, especially for road construction and maintenance projects in citie and provinces. This product has a rear tire that closes the pores of the asphalt surface to form the waterproof asphalt layer.

  • 28,4 HP

    Engine Power
  • 3.500 kg

    Operating Weight
  • 1.300 mm

    Operating Width

Comfortable Operation

This product is supported by IVC (Intelligent Vibration Control) technology to ensure consistent compaction results. with an operating width of 1.3 meters making it easier to work on even narrow roads. The operator also has easy access to the control levers and drum vibrations control.

Easy Maintenance

The ease of product maintenance can be seen from the flexible joints is designed without lubrication points, it does not need periodic service and reduce operating costs. This flexible joint is not welded to the main frame allowing for partial repair.


Durable Water Sprinkle System

This product features a windproof, easy to access and replaceable 5-step interval pressurized sprinkler system. The system is also protected from the risk of clogging because it uses 2 filters system with high quality pressure pump and a large water tank.


Optimum Performance

The combination of drums,  wheels, and a maximum load of 3.7 tons deliver more optimal compaction quality. This product equipped with the optional Bomag Economizer technology to shows the operator when optimum compaction has been achieved. The LED display on the Bomag Economizer can provide information to prevent excess compaction so that operational cost can be saved and operational time is more efficient.

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