Quester Cargo



CDE25062R is a reliable for long haul truck with 6X2 wheel configuration and engine 250 HP. This unit is widely used for Cargo, Hi-Blow, Tank. It is equipped with several standard features, such as heavy-duty engine oil pan protector and 3 wiper blades.

  • 6x2

  • 6100 mm

  • 250 HP

    Engine Output

Fuel Efficiency

With optimum fuel efficiency and low downtime, the best outcome will be generated by this truck. This truck is also quite efficient in operating costs, suit with every customer needs.


Equipped with a 6X2 wheel configuration and 250 HP this Quester is designed to last long as a long-distance runner and  built to optimize your business.


The cab has passed some crash test and is equipped with 3 wiper blades, seat belt reminder, special off-road design steel bumper, heavy duty engine oil pan protector, wide main, blind-spot mirrors for driver and truck safety.


Ergonomic interior with various accessories such as driver seat with suspension, adjustable steering column, air conditioner (AC), sound insulation, a 600 mm wide bunk bed, and an MP3 audio system are very useful to support driver comfort.

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