Quester Mixer


Construction, Transportation

The CWE28064R is a heavy-duty truck that has features a 6-cylinder diesel engine, aerodynamic dashboard and an adjustable steering column. With a 6X4 wheel configuration and an engine output of 280 HP, it is reliable for long distance travel.

  • 6x4

  • 3700 mm

  • 280 HP

    Engine Output

Fuel Efficiency

Low fuel cost and optimal uptime are some of the advantages of this Quester Truck. Providing reliable productivity/output to achieve success in your business.


With 6X4 wheel configuration and 280 HP, this truck is designed for optimum lifetime. It has excellent durability due to robust frame which can handle a wide range of tough operations, from on-road to off-road operations.


This truck comes with various safety features and configurations. For safety, the cab has passed through crash tests plus equipped with blind-spot mirrors and heavy duty oil pan protector under the engine.


Supported by an ergonomic interior, adjustable steering column, air conditioner (AC), sound insulation, driver seat with suspension, 600 mm wide bunk bed and MP3 audio system for operator comfort.

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