Bomag Technology: Improving Soil Compaction Quality Effectively and Efficiently

28 May 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: The quality of asphalt and concrete roads significantly determined by the soil compaction process. Ineffective compaction will result in unstable soil. An inspection in the laboratory and field are needed to see the optimum soil density.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) is a common field measurement test used in Indonesia. The sample of asphalt road is taken by core drill tools which tested in the laboratory using Marshall Hammer test to get the density of pavement quality. Nevertheless the methods certainly required a lot of time and energy.

Bomag Measurement Technology

To answer this challenges, United Tractors as Bomag distributor presents superior products for compaction and asphalt equipment, such as Bomag Single Drum Rollers and Bomag Tandem Rollers which could do both soil compaction and asphalt very well.

As a solution-based company, United Tractors and Bomag also offeringoptional of Bomag's technologies to measure and control soil and asphalt compaction more effectively and efficiently by installing sensors on the drum which then sending the information to the operator’s cabin screen or dashboard. The operator will get information for the density of the soil or asphalt that being compacted.

The Bomag’s technology options are Economizer, Bomag Evib Meter (BEM), Terrameter, Bomag Compaction Management (BCM 05), Asphalt Manager, and BOMAP.

Bomag’s technology could help customer to determine the road density faster than conventional measurement methods, reduce the number of passes or unnecessary compaction processes, as well as reduce fuel consumptions. It also improves the quality of compaction results so that customers could experience the various advantages.

Bomag Economizer: Seeing Compaction in a New Light