United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

As the largest heavy equipment distributor and a leading Indonesian. We provide not only products of world-famous brands such as Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, Tadano, but also serves service. To always offer the best for you, we provide an excellence after-sales service:

  • 4 Straight Customer Experiences
  • 3 Main Customer Experiences

4 Straight Customer Experiences

As an of its standard after-sales service, United Tractors always provides excellent services such as a routine program to obtain accurate data and information on customers’ heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane to ensure best performances. United Tractors also offers undercarriage inspection, particularly for bulldozer and excavator along with periodic service for bus and truck. In addition, United Tractors provides mechanic and operator training to its customers.

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Guarantee For Your Time

In United Tractors’ customer service, on-time delivery is the main priority. United Tractors’ service label OTIF (On Time in Full) guarantees on puncutuality such as spare parts availability and delivery, qualified mechanic on call for any issues with customers’ heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane, and prompt handling for any repair or maintenance work perfomed.

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Service Program

Post-sales services aimed at providing customers of assurance and satisfaction towards the efficient operations by well-maintained heavy equipment and machinery for best results.

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Parts Program

A variety of parts program is within designed to guarantee the availability of spare parts of heavy equipment and machinery in gaining customer productivity.

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Financing Program

Assisting customers in financing their spare parts and services transactions, with the support of reputable banks and financial institutions.

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Multi Channel

A 24-hour Contact Center called UT Call, which can be reached at any time and from any location by dialing 1-500-072 is available to provide customers with the best services and experiences.

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Workshop & Remanufacturing

United Tractors’ 40 workshops and remanufacturing sites bring customers closer to convenience and quality services.

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Warehouse & Distribution

United Tractors has established an extensive distribution network across Indonesia. With 117 warehouses and 2 parts distribution centers to effectively serve the needs of customers spare part.

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United Tractors mechanics are well-trained and have comprehensive experience with a variety of heavy equipment, cranes, buses and trucks. In addition for internal training, United Tractors mechanics receive advanced coaching from principals to continuously hone their skills.

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Training Center

United Tractor's commitment toward staff growth and learning with the goal of developing experienced and professional human resources to assist customers.

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