United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

Multi Channel

A 24-hour Contact Center called UT Call, which can be reached at any time and from any location by dialing 1-500-072 is available to provide customers with the best services and experiences.

UT Call, a 24-hour contact center service, provides you the convenience of getting the information you need. Through UT Call, we are ready to send our mechanics anytime, anywhere you need them.

24 Hour Service Advisors are available to assist customers with their heavy equipment problems. Specifically, for the bus & truck transportation sector, in addition to UT Call, customers can directly contact 0815 1005 0072 directly by phone and 0815 1150 0072 by Whatsapp

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(Indonesia) UT Contact Center, Mudah Diakses dan Respons Cepat!

(Indonesia) UT Contact Center, Mudah Diakses dan Respons Cepat!

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