United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

Service Program

Post-sales services aimed at providing customers of assurance and satisfaction towards the efficient operations by well-maintained heavy equipment and machinery for best results.

Sesuai dengan komitmen United Tractors menjadi Mitra Bisnis yang handal untuk pelanggan; Kami memiliki beberapa pilihan layanan purna jual untuk menjaga alat berat, bus, truk, dan crane pelanggan agar tetap berada pada tingkat pengoperasian yang prima.

  1. Unit Exchange Program
    This program will help you reduce downtime so that an effective cost is achieved and the unit is quickly back up and running. Customers can also replace the obsolete or damaged components with remanufactured components.
  1. Oil Analysis Program
    We also collaborate with an international standard laboratory to conduct an oil analysis program. The oil analysis will help identity reduced performance of internal spare parts.
  1. Engine Inspection Program
    This program will also provide recommendations for repairing your heavy equipment based on actual data so that the unit returns to optimal performance.
  1. Preventive Maintenance Package
    We offer regular maintenance packages for Komatsu heavy equipment that are routinely conducted by UT mechanics using genuine Komatsu spare parts and provide warranties for the engine and power train components during the contract period.
  1. Regular Service Package
    We offer heavy equipment maintenance packages where customers benefit from having Periodical Service according to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards for a fixed monthly fee or payment by agreement.
  1. General Overhaul
    We provide an option for a complete heavy equipment repairs program (general overhaul). It provides repair instructions that can be customized to the customer’s needs to minimize downtime or repair costs.

Maintenance Contract Program* is a maintenance management system for heavy equipment with periodic maintenance contracts. We offer this service to help customers maintain the performance of their heavy equipment and detect damage early. We ensure that the customer’s unit is always available for use.

  1. United Tractors Full Maintenance Contract (UT FMC)
    Maintenance management system to repair and overhaul components with the aim of getting the customer’s heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane back in service at a fixed cost per hour based on targeted unit availability.
  2. United Tractors Repair Maintenance Contract (UT RMC)
    Heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane  maintenance management system for fixed costs per hour repairs to enable customers to meet unit availability targets. This program does not apply to the major component replacement or overhaul budget.
  3. United Tractors Periodic Maintenance Contract (UT PMC)
    Heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane maintenance management system so that customers receive periodical service scheduling (PS), direct and accurate inspections at a fixed hourly cost.
  4. United Tractors Customized Maintenance Contract (UT CMC)
    Heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane maintenance management system that focuses on select component groups or optional component groups that can be customized to meet customer needs.
  5. United Tractors RENTAL
    Rental management system consisting of maintenance management of heavy equipment and other supporting equipment at a fixed cost or an hourly rate.

*Program only available at certain locations, terms and conditions apply.

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