UD Truck Quester Run Extra Mile with the Cutting-Edge Technology

28 September 2016

In the first half of 2014, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) reintroduces UD Truck Quester, a modern and complete heavy duty truck, to the customers.

In fulfilling heavy duty truck market demand in Indonesia, United Tractors offers affordable Quester that highly applicable for all economic sectors among others mining, construction, forestry and plantation.

Among various Quester variants, United Tractors has previously introduced two variants which are 6x4 rigid with Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) 34 tons and 6x4 tractor with GVW 80 tons. Both types produce similar maximum engine power of 370 horsepower (237 Kw) with maximum torque 1,700 Nm at 1,000-1,400 rpm.

The product applies GH11E, a cutting-edge engine technology, a diesel In-Line-6-cylinder four stroke with high-pressure direct injection. The engine also features four valves for each cylinder and intercooler. 

Less fuel consumption

Quester features real-time fuel coach that provides the driver information how to optimize the transmission and acceleration under the engine’s most efficient fuel consumption. The truck also has capability to save important data such as distance, fuel consumption and the engine’s most efficient interval.

Bigger payload capacity

Quester offers more competitive payload capacity due to its strong chassis and axle, well-suited components. The truck is designed to run on the extreme terrain. Its rolled steel frame with additional inner layer provides high power density and solid rear axle reduces the exposure to extensive tension that make the truck runs smoothly on the bumpy roads.

Designed for Off-Road Terrain

Quester cabin for mining area with front steel bumper is specially designed and attached to ensure maximum ground clearance and approach angle and provide extraordinary agility. Quester also has hub reduction to divide the tension between the hub and axle. Well-attached hub reduction, inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks create incredible vehicle performance.

Aftersales Service Guarantee

United Tractors provides aftersales service guarantee renowned as UT guaranteed product support by purchasing all products authorized to United Tractors, including UD Trucks Quester. Moreover, customers will get some special services as well, as follows:

  1. One year unit guarantee or 100,000 km and one year for rear axle or 50,000 km
  2. Free periodical service package, six times for parts and four times for service
  3. Delivery training for customer’s operators and mechanics
  4. Providing reliable UT mechanics who standby for 24 hours

Moreover, United Tractors will offer a one year component maintenance packet with special price when customers purchase UD Truck Quester.

Quester is the customers’ perfect choice in creating an ideal heavy duty truck fleet and building successful business. United Tractors excels one-stop solution, comprehensive aftersales service and original spare parts.