Cold Milling

BM 1000/20


The Bomag BM1000 is designed for the removal of asphalt and concrete pavements. With a working width of 1000 mm, it is reliable for repairing urban and rural roads. With a maximum milling depth of 210 mm, this machine is also equipped with 3 drum milling speed adjustment that optimally enables the removal of asphalt pavements in various thickness.

  • 1.000 mm

    Working Width
  • 164 kW / 220 HP

    Engine Power
  • 13.050 kg

    Operating Weight
  • 0-210 mm

    Working Depth

Powerful and Economical

Bomag 1000/20 is a powerful milling machine with an engine power of 220 HP. This cold milling can provide high productivity and efficiency, thanks to the high milling speed of up to 40 m/min and low fuel consumption of up to 20% thanks to the slim toolholder design.

Operator’s Comfort

This product is equipped with a comfortable seated operation and intuitively structured control panel, providing easy access for operators. It also comes with well dimensioned protective canopy to protect operators from various weather conditions.

Perfect Visibility

Operator has the best view of the front, side area, and the surrounding working area thanks to the innovative design of Bomag 1000/20. It also gives safe and precise maneuvering of the unit for the operator.

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