Komatsu D31PLL-21 is a dozer designed for agricultural applications. Known as the ultra-swamp bulldozer, this dozer has a very low ground pressure. With its power, the unit can also be used to level the ground in rice field with dry or wet soil conditions.

  • 3.455 m³

    Blade Width
  • 9.250 kg

    Operating Weight
  • 84 HP

    Engine Output

Increased Rice Field Productivity

The D31PLL-21 is high-performance Bulldozer especially when it operates in very low ground pressure. This feature increases productivity in every paddy field, including wetland.

Reliable Feature

This product has a 3 point hitch and PTO which expand the utilization in paddy fields and cover a variety of jobs in one unit. The PCCS joystick is easy to use to control all movements including machine travel speed and counter-rotation.


Monitor with Self Diagnostic Function

The monitoring system not only provide operating reports but also detects abnormalities and report it through lamps and buzzers. Fault codes is useful for quick troubleshooting and reduce machine downtime. Information on periodical maintenance intervals is also available to ensure regular maintenance and spare part availability.


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