Construction, Mining

Komatsu D65E-12 is a crawler dozer with a blade capacity of 3.7 m3, featuring good visibility, powerful and high durability. This dozer is widely used for the construction and mining sector, especially in areas with low bearing capacity.

  • 3,69 m³ (Straight tilt)

    Blade Capacity
  • 20.185 kg

    Operating Weight
  • 190 HP

    Engine Output

High Performance

This straight tilt dozer has a large capacity and powerful engine for the best work productivity. The Komatsu S6D125E-2 has a diesel engine with an output of 142 kW and 190HP.

Operator Convenience

For operator comfort, all steering, direction and gear shift can be done with the left side single-joystick control. The left joystick controls all tractor movements while the right joystick controls all blade movements.

Easy Maintenance

This Komatsu product is easy to maintain. Wet-type multi-disc brakes eliminate brake-band adjustment for maintenance-free operation. The radiator cooling reservoir gives an ease to check the coolant level.

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