Big Machine, Hydraulic Excavator



The Komatsu PC4000-6 has an operating weight of up to 400 tons and a bucket capacity of 22 – 24 m3. The PC4000-6 is equipped with various innovations and new technological developments so that it offers high work productivity, operational safety and environmental friendliness.

  • 1875 HP

    Net Engine Output
  • 22 m³

    Bucket Capacity
  • 16.650/8.000 mm

    Maximum Digging Reach/Depth
  • 2,19 kg/cm²

    Ground Pressure

High Productivity

This 400 ton class Excavator product has high work productivity, safe, and eco-friendly. In addition, this product has a power output of 1400 KW (1875 HP) and is equipped with several excellent features such as optional time saving Engine Oil Management System, Centinel, Engine Reserve Oil Supply and Eliminator Oil Filter System.

Maximum Durability

This product has maximum durability with long component life, low operating cost and strong structural design. In addition, this product was developed through field experience and in-depth analysis of each element of the unit as well as the design of the large undercarriage.

Operator Comfort

This product is specially designed to support operator comfort, including low noise and vibration levels in the cab as well as air suspended and multi-adjustable seats.

Easy Maintenance

The product machine is specially designed to provide convenience in the maintenance process of each component. Radiators, oil coolers, hydraulic pumps and PTOs are also designed in an easily accessible position so that the machine maintenance process carried out by the operator is easier. In addition, this product is also equipped with an EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System) monitoring system and a large footing for easy maintenance.

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