Mining Tipper & Heavy Hauler Trucks


Construction, Mining, Transportation

The Scania P410-B6X4 is a heavy-duty truck used for construction and mining. This truck is equipped with an engine of 410 HP and has two variants, namely Standard Tipper and Heavy Tipper, so it can be used in the heavy work area due to to the large engine power.

  • 410 HP

    Engine Horse Power
  • 41 Tons

    Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 27 Tons

    Payload Capacity
  • Standard 17 m³

    Vessel Capacity

(Indonesia) 360º Visualization

Fuel Efficient

The new engine range provides fuel consumption reduction, due to improved cooling capacity and engine management, as well as improved injectors and combustion chambers.

Comply up to B100

Scania offers the widest range of alternative fuels within the industry. Regardless of your choice, we ensure you will get a sustainable solution with the maximum output and minimum environmental impact.


Swedish crash test standards
are among the most stringent in the
world, using the same cab for all tests.
Our new generation has surpassed
them with ease. The new high-tensile
steel cab structure offers an outstanding
crash performance.

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