All Terain Crane

AC 4.070L-1


The AC 4.070L-1 is an all terrain crane equipped with two economical engines. This equipment has a boom length of 52.1 m, so it can work optimally. This product a four-axle crane that is strong, compact, and fast in operation.

  • 70 tons at 2,5 m

    Crane Capacity
  • 6

    Boom Section
  • 11.1 m - 52.1 m

    Boom Length
  • 16,0 m

    Max. Jib Length


This crane equipped with four axles which are strong, compact, and fast in its operation. Six-sections 52.1 m boom made of high tensile steel, can reduce boom weight and increase boom strength.


AML (Automatic Moment Limiter) offering additional safety and operating convenience. It can automatically detects the extension width of the crane’s outriggers on all sides to measure maximum work capacity in each area. When slewing the boom, the AML detects the motion and displays the maximum capacity automatically. The AML slow stop function will help to minimize any safety risks.


Tadano continues to innovate in the product development through the principle of total quality management. The main focus is cost efficiency for consumers and environmentally friendly products. The spacious cab can accommodate two passengers, give a convenience for the operator.

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Get More Information About Cranes and Various Tadano Products at United Tractors

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