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  • 6,505 - 6,836 lbs

    Operating Weight
  • 24.4 @ 2200 rpm

  • 0.07 - 0.21 yd³

    0.07 - 0.21 yd³
  • 0.07 - 0.21 yd³

    0.07 - 0.21 yd³


This crane has maximum lifting capacity of up to 400 ton with main boom length of up to 126 m. Each of installed counterweight could have switched each other, so it will reduce the transportation and storage cost.


The fall protection system is installed permanently at boom section which be useful for safety during operation and easy to fold. In addition, riggers are able to fasten the hook to cable for preventing any crash on ground.


These crane has smaller size than the other CC crane series, but its function still works efficiently and optimally. This product is also designed as a component which easy to run a transporting activity quickly with low operation cost.

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