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The construction machinery business unit, known as United Tractors, is the largest distributor of heavy equipment in Indonesia. As the sole distributor of Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, and Tadano, United Tractors provides heavy equipment, trucks, cranes, and busses used in mining, agriculture, constructions, forestry, as well as material handling and transportation.


Discover Superior Heavy Equipment for your Future Project

United Tractors is committed to supporting business partners in the construction sector. Our products are highly productive and efficient and significantly contribute to any strategic developments in Indonesia, such as providing a wide range of heavy equipment such as Single Drum Roller, Excavator, Bulldozer, Truck and others.

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When Productivity meets Efficiency for Your Mining Operation

United Tractors supports the mining business by providing heavy equipment that is productive and efficient. United Tractors has products that can be used for mining activities such as Dozer, Excavator, Dump Truck, Wheel Loader, Motor Grader, Compactor and Crane. Moreover, the products have operational safety standard for working in any terrain.

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Providing mobility solutions for a sustainable transportation system

United Tractors serves the transportation industry with energy-efficient, durable, reliable, safe and comfortable products. United Tractors is a pioneer in providing the highest quality transportation fleets to business partners, especially in the bus and truck product lines. In the land transportation sector, UT has Coaches and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). In addition, UT offers Dump Trucks, General Cargo, Fuel Transport, Heavy Haulage, Road Sweepers and even Special Trucks such as Fire Trucks.

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Cultivating land with a range of excellent Heavy Equipment

United Tractors presents a solution for qualified heavy equipment to support the growth and productivity of the plantation industries and agriculture in Indonesia. UT offers a range of products such as Farming Bulldozer that can be used to effectively manage agricultural and plantation land so that crop production is optimally increased.

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The Most Reliable Heavy Equipment for Forestry

United Tractors understands the importance of promoting a sustainable forestry industry in Indonesia, thus we offer range of heavy equipment such as Excavator, Bulldozer, Grader, Wheel Loader, Forwarder, Compactor, Truck to support with land clearing, harvesting, and transporting forest products.

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