Komatsu PC130F-7: A Comprehensive Solution for Industrial Forestry Plantation Business

18 May 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: Forest Utilization has become one of the sources for Government Revenues in Indonesia which currently supplied by Industrial Forest Plantation. Industrial Forest Plantation was created in order to intensively increase the potential and quality of production forests. This activity aims to fulfill the needs of raw material of industrial production.

As a leading distributor of heavy equipment, trucks and cranes in Indonesia, PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) participates in advancing business in the forestry sector by providing quality and reliable heavy equipment products. By bringing the commitment within three cores values which are easy, safety and comfort, United Tractors presents Komatsu Excavator PC130F-7, an Excavator 13 ton class that is suitable for all types of forestry application in a sustainable way.

In the Industrial Forest Plantation business, All the activities will always be faced with a heavy-duty field with diverse and various plants characteristics.

Komatsu PC130F-7 is present to respond those challenges. Komatsu PC130F-7 has a low ground pressure, which is not only able to work in dry area but also in wet area. With a high ground clearance in reducing obstacles during operation, Komatsu PC130F-7 is suitable in various ground level conditions.

With 88 HP strong power, Komatsu PC130F-7 has an optimum range in its class as Excavator 13ton class. Komatsu PC130F-7 brings the concept of high productivity and efficient fuel consumption.

For more information regarding to Komatsu PC130F-7 and facilities provided by United Tractors, customers can contact the nearest UT branch office in your city or UTCall 1500 072.

Komatsu PC130F-7: Supporting Business Customers Through the Best Applications in the Forestry Sector