Komatsu PC130F-7: Supporting Business Customers Through the Best Applications in the Forestry Sector

18 May 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: PT United Tractors Tbk as a distributor of heavy equipment, trucks and cranes in Indonesia always provides the best solution to customers. UT present Komatsu PC130F-7, an Excavator 13ton class that reliable and superior in its class.

In Industrial Forest Plantation, Komatsu PC130F-7 is suitable for all types of forestry application in a sustainable way.These excavator 13ton class works optimally in land clearing which is the initial process in the management of Industrial Forest Plantation. It affects the quality of plants that will be obtained in the future.

Industrial Forest Products are usually harvested  approximately 4 - 5 years. The process of harvesting in Industrial Forest Plantation has several stages.

The first stage is felling,continued with bunching and extracting process from felling location to wood pile. The final step in the process of harvesting forest products is wood loading into trucks. Then, the wood will be transported to the factory.

In implementing those all stages, Komatsu PC130F-7 is equipped with qualified specifications which will be needed in the forestry sector. It has many attachment options that can be used for various types of jobs in the forestry sector such as Bucket, Shear Head, Harvester Head, Fix Log Grapple and Rotary Log Grapple.

For more information regarding PC130F-7 and facilities provided by United Tractors, customers can contact the nearest UT branch office in your city or UT Call 1500 072

With Special Attachment, Komatsu PC130F-7: A Reliable Choce For Industrial Forest Harvesting