Bomag Asphalt Finisher BF 300P The Best Quality in Asphalt Roads Paver

22 June 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: A good quality road surface certainly will give a comfortable driving for users. Asphalt and concrete layers are often used for road construction with each advantages and disadvantages. To build a good asphalt road surface, Asphalt wearing course (AC-WC) laying becomes an important process as the final stage of asphalt road construction. Improper construction process at this final stage can cause the road surface easily damaged which results to an unnecessary road maintenance.

Therefore, in order to avoid bad quality asphalt road, an excellent asphalt finisher product is significantly needed. United Tractors as sole distributor of the Bomag in Indonesia presents premium product: Bomag Asphalt Finisher BF300P to support national road construction project in Indonesia.

Advantages of Bomag Asphalt Finisher BF 300P

Bomag Asphalt Finisher BF 300P is equipped with 6 drive wheels with the largest diameter in its class. The advantage of this drive system allows Bomag BF300P having a stronger traction and high mobility so that this product can be easily mobilized without additional truck trailers.

Bomag BF300P is also equipped with the heaviest screeds in its class with pre-compaction capability of up to 91%, spreading width from 1.7 meters to 4.4 meters with screed extension options.

Bomag BF300P screed is equipped with magmalife and quick coupling technology. Magmalife is a technology designed to warm screed plates faster and evenly, resulting in smoother and more flat surface finishes. While the quick coupling system is a technology to accelerate the installation of screed extensions.

Bomag BF 300P is also built with user friendly design such as: Every dashboard design has only 1 function, and side-view system on the cabin that allows the operating platform and cabin can be shifted left or right from its original position to maximize views to all parts of the unit. Bomag Asphalt Finisher BF 300P offers various advantages for asphalt layering to ensure better road quality and provide additional value for customers.

Excellence After Sales Services

United Tractors provides after sales service known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UTGPS). This program will provide OTIF Parts,  OTIF Mechanics, and OTIF Solution. Should you needdetail information for products and after-sales services, you may contact UT Call a 24-hour Contact Center by United Tractors, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime through the numbers 1-500-072.

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