BOMAG, Number 1 In Asphalt Compaction

7 October 2016

Infrastructure development by the government has been increasing along with the rise in trade and economic activities. Yet, it is a big challenge to be faced.  The government, though confronted with many obstacles, has been pumping the infrastructures development.

Presently, of all the developments in Indonesia, the road construction makes up the biggest portion. However, it has not been managed well and technical problems have contributed to the poor quality of roads, resulting in roads with shorter life span and holes due to non-optimal and not-well-distributed compaction. 

For quality road asphalt compaction, Komag, product of Germany, comes with Bomag Pneumatic Tired Roller and Bomag Tandem Vibratory Roller, both having the inter-continuous function in the asphalt compaction.


Bomag Pneumatic Tired Roller

Before the compaction, asphalt of the more than 120 degree Celsius is distributed over a road surface.  After that, while the asphalt is at such temperature, Bomag Pneumatic Tired Roller will compact the asphalt with static movement.  Equipped with rubber tires, while doing the compaction, this Bomag can at the same time cover road pores.

As sole distributor of Bomag brand in Indonesia, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) is the agent for Bomag BW 25 RH pneumatic roller. Weighing 8.8 tons, this 25 RH pneumatic roller can be ballasted up to 25 tons. The level compensator is its other feature that allows the tire position to adjust to the road contour.


Bomag Vibratory Roller

The next compaction is carried out by Bomag Tandem Vibratory Roller that compacts the asphalt at the desired compaction level.  The Tandem Vibratory Roller comes with front and rear smooth asphalt drums and during the compaction process; the drums will vibrate for maximum compacting.

UT is the agent for Bomag Tandem Vibratory Roller of several classes: Bomag BW100 AD-5 2.5-ton class, BW 131 AD-3 4-ton class, and BW 161 AD-4 10-ton class. BW100 AD-5 and BW 161 AD-4 are especially equipped with high-precision water sprinkler, quality smooth drums which are fit for the asphalt, and the settings for the amplitude and frequency. 

For smaller road compaction, UT also acts as the agent for Bomag Combination Roller of 4-ton class, which is BW 131 ACW-3 with the front drum and rear tire.



After-Sales Service

All products under the agency of UT are guaranteed with after-sale service known as UT GPS (Guaranteed Product Support), in the delivery of spare parts and repair time.    In addition to that, UT has a distribution network all over Indonesia, with 20 branch offices, 22 operation-support offices, and 11 representative offices. 

For further information, please contact UT Call at 1 500 072.