Komatsu PC3000E-6: The Electric Heavy Equipment to Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in Mining Industry

1 August 2018

The world’s development, followed by expansion in economy, industry, and infrastructures, leads to bigger demand for resources and the mining industry has played a key role as the primary resource needed in various businesses. Hydraulic excavator, the main heavy equipment in mining process, is so vital that its development has been the center of attention from world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers. The mining industry, full of challenges and expectations for today’s more competitive development, requires the best heavy equipment with high productivity and yet efficient operational costs.

As Komatsu authorized distributor in Indonesia, United Tractors is always committed to presenting superior quality heavy equipment products to meet challenges and needs. In line with this, Komatsu, with continuous innovation, has produced world-class superior products and one of them is PC3000E-6. The PC3000E-6 is a huge hydraulic excavator with bucket capacity of 15m³ and front shovel capacity of 16m³. Its main superiority is the electric motor, the main driver that replaced the diesel-fueled engine, resulting in more efficiency in operational costs. In addition to that, with Komatsu’s continuous technology development in the human resource and experience, design and excellent production system, the PC3000-6 meets the international quality standard and becomes the milestone in electric excavator in Indonesia.

Powerful Electric Excavator
Unlike the diesel-fueled hydraulic excavators, the PC3000E-6 operates on the 900-kW and 6,000-volt electric motor manufactured by Siemens. The proven quality electric motor drives the PC3000E-6 even in heavy-duty operation. The PC3000E-6 also comes equipped with the sophisticated powerful and reliable hydraulic system and is also designed with more solid rugged structure developed from experience in the field and from thorough and accurate analyses in component for more durability.

PC3000-6’s cabin provides full comfort to driver; it is more sound proof, better ventilated, and has bigger windshield. The operator seat is equipped with the suspension adjustable to the operator’s condition and is positioned higher, giving more working clearance.

High Productivity and Easy Maintenance
The PC3000E-6 is designed for maximum productivity for eachton or bcm/hour, thanks to its powerful digging force, the easy bucket-loading, the time-proven attachment design, the cylinders set underneath the attachment shovel for the cylinders protection, and the bucket and wear packages adjustable to working conditions in which the unit operates.

With its state of the art features, the customer does not need to worry about maintenance, due to easy-to-understand layout of its components. Access to the main components is made easier with the stair reaching the bottom of its engine. The motor chamber and the pump are separated and the Automatic Central Lubricant and the Electronic Text Monitoring system provide the latest data and the engine operation status.