A Heavy Equipment Maintenance Application, UT Connect: An Easy Access of Your Machine Conditions and Its Current Status

5 June 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: UT Connect is an application for customers toward various services connecting directly with United Tractors. UT Connect offers several features for easily access by customers to monitor and maintenance their machines, including the My Equipment feature.

My Equipment feature on UT Connect

With My Equipment feature that is connected to telementry data – a techonology to check equipment condition remotely- customers could ensure unit condition using some indicators and its current status of each unit. The telemetry data will displayinformation about machine health and raises a warning if a problem occurs.

By utilizing My Equipment feature, users maydiscover current status of their heavy equipment which are divided into Operate, Non Operate, Unit Caution, and Not Available categories. Moreover, machine efficiency can also be seen through total daily fuel consumption and total machine hours worked per day on the Equipment Monitoring page. Thus customers monitor the utility of heavy equipment and its maintenance to maximize its perform.

Its easy to access the My Equipment feature, users could simply log in to UT Connect application via smartphone and find the My Equipment feature at the bottom column.

UT Connect is a heavy equipment maintenance application that can be accessed through Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS. We will discuss details about other features, which is the Working History feature on the next articles.

UT Connect, An Easy Way Getting the Latest Information Through Application for Customer Connection