With Special Attachment, Komatsu PC130F-7: A Reliable Choce For Industrial Forest Harvesting

18 May 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: To answer customer needs for Excavator 13 ton class, PT United Tractors Tbk presents Komatsu PC130F-7 to do a process of Industrial Forest Harvesting which has several stages, started from tree felling, bunching, and wood extracting until ready to be transported to the processing plant.

There are 2 methods of industrial forest harvesting based on equipments used. The combination of heavy equipment and manpower is called as semi-mechanical method. Meanwhile, a full mechanical methods means all stages of work are using heavy equipment.

The first process of harvesting is tree felling. Komatsu PC130F-7 is equipped with a special attachments, namely Shear Head and Harvester Head which are used for the felling process. Attachment Shear Head is used for felling process in semi-mechanical harvesting methods. Shear Head is able to cut trees up to 20 cm in diameter and produce optimum productivity with more efficient cost in its class.

Attachment Harvester Head is used in full mechanical harvesting method so it is able to cut trees up to 38 cm in diameter. It is equipped with electrically driven saws and can be used for wood debarking until  wood cutting into pieces that suitable with factory requirements.

The next process is the bunching and extracting of wood from the felling location to the wood piling place.

With the Fix Log Grapple attachment, the Komatsu PC130F-7 class 13ton excavator can be used to grip, organize, and carry wood from the felling location tothe wood pilling place. It is equipped with power and optimum working range in its class, also with a perfect fix log grapple design that is capable to produce maximum productivity.

The final step of forest product harvesting is wood loading into trucks to be transported to the processing location or factory. Komatsu PC130F-7 has the attachment namely Rotary Log Grapple. The attachment is able to rotate 3600 in order to make easier for the operators in carrying out wood loading processes to get effective and efficient work.

Excellent After Sales Service

Komatsu's products are equipped with excellent after sales service guarantees from United Tractors or known as UT Guaranteed Product Support, consisting of guaranteed delivery of spare parts, mechanics and repairing time. UT also provides 24-hour contact center via UT Call which can be accessed through number 1 500 072.

Komatsu PC130F-7: A Comprehensive Solution for Industrial Forestry Plantation Business