Optimum Operation, High Productivity and Low Cost

28 September 2016

“Hydraulic Excavator Komatsu PC130F-7 14-tons class is available in Indonesia market to support palm plantation activities.”


Palm plantation attracts many Indonesian business players, particularly outside Java, due to its more promising return than food and horticulture sectors. Government of Indonesia also plays a significant role in improving the Indonesian crude palm oil competitiveness in the global market by introducing Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) standard since 2009.


As widely known, one of key success factors in palm plantation business is choosing the right and proper high quality heavy equipment to generate high productivity with low operation costs.


In a series of palm plantation operational activities, there are heavy equipment that play the vital roles, such as Hydraulic Excavator type. The unit works optimally in land clearing, road construction, drainage and maintenance.


Prior the plantation stage, the initial working stage in the palm plantation is land clearing. In this stage, Hydraulic Excavator and bulldozer work to clear the area from bushes, logs and trees.


Then, Hydraulic Excavator can be operated to construct plantation access road by applying cut and fill method. The unit is able to cut and transport the soil from hilly road and fill it to the sunken road, and eventually makes a level road.


Hydraulic Excavator is not only able to work in dry area but also in wet area or peat land. It works to lower the ground water surface in the construction of drainage channel. The transported water will be brought out from plantation area to the nearby river. 


After the plantation area is ready and palm seeds are planted, Hydraulic Excavator once again can conduct maintenance works, namely trees and water channel maintenances and clear parasitic vegetation from the palm plantation.


Hydraulic Excavator Komatsu PC130F-7

To meet the demand of Hydraulic Excavator heavy equipment for palm plantations, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) always offers solution for the customers by presenting a reliable Hydraulic Excavator Komatsu PC130F-7 that excels in its 14 tons class to support customers’ business operations.


Komatsu PC130F-7 is equipped with advanced technology Komatsu Monitoring Tracking System (Komtrax). Komtrax is web-application-based monitoring system that can provide information regarding the location and the condition of heavy equipment and machine component in anywhere and anytime.


Designed with the cutting-edge technology, Komatsu PC130F-7 brings the concept of high productivity, efficient fuel consumption and reliable heavy equipment, and also supported by the perfect after sales service guarantee.


High Productivity and Efficient Fuel Consumption

Incredible power source of Komatsu PC130F-7 is generated from Komatsu SAA4D95LE-3 engine. With 66kW/88 HP strong power, bucket capacity up to 0.55 m3 and operational work load up to 14 tons, Komatsu PC130F-7 can work in all working conditions, namely land clearing, road construction, drainage and maintenance.


In operating the unit, it has power and economy work modes which adjustable according to the working condition in the field. When the unit is operated under extreme and fully loaded condition, operator should choose power mode to increase the generated power. However, when it is operated in less productive condition, operator should choose economy mode to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.


Perfect Reliability

All main components in Komatsu PC130F-7 machine are reliable components and specifically designed by Komatsu, such as: engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and control valves. It ensures that all the components comply with standardized manufacturing and component tests.


After Sales Service Guarantee

After the purchase of Komatsu PC130F-7, the customer will get after sales service guarantee or renowned as UT Guaranteed Product Support that covers guaranteed spare parts delivery (On time in full parts), mechanics (On time in full mechanic) and maintenance period (On time in full solution). United Tractors will provide compensation if there is unfulfilled after sales service guarantee.


Since United Tractors provides after sales service guarantee, the customers should not hesitate when decide to purchase the product and they should only focus on their business activities. The after sales service guarantee is supported by wide-range and reliable network in all regions in Indonesia, which cover 19 branch offices, 22 operational support offices in the field and 12 representative offices.


For further information, the customers may call Contact Center 24 hours service or UT Call by dialing 1 500 072.