The Perfect Material Removal Machine:

Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6

28 September 2016

The Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6 is United Tractors' (UT) perfect solution to assist customers in mining activities. This machine is usually operated for the clearing of land and for flattening material in disposal areas.

Clearing land is the first stage in the mining process where the Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6 clears the site of trees and grass, which are then collected in a designated log yard.

In the next stage, the machine is operated again at the disposal area to flatten the piled up material in the form of crushed stones from the overburden removal process.

Featuring a blade capacity of 9.4 m3, the Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6 boasts a high level of productivity. The use of the Komatsu SAA6D140E-5 engine with a power output of 264 kW (354 HP) delivers incredible performance with optimal efficiency.


Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6’s Outstanding Feature

One of Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6’s outstanding features is its sigma-blade, which enhances dozing performance and productivity without causing any rise in fuel consumption. This specific component also significantly reduces the incidence of shoe-slip during dozing, thus extending the life of undercarriage components.

The Komatsu Crawler Dozer D155A-6 is an innovation by United Tractors and Komatsu in producing world-class quality products with high efficiency.