Komatsu 830E-AC Big, Better, Best

1 August 2018

Leading mining companies definitely require a reliable production fleet of machines for all mining conditions. A huge production target is not a barrier to continually improve the performance and efficiency of the entire mining production process. Komatsu 830E-AC is available to work as a reliable partner for large-scale mining.


830E-AC is BIG. It may be the first thing that crosses our minds when we look at Komatsu 830E-AC. In accordance with its super large size, Komatsu 830E-AC has a variety of powerful features to support its performance at mining sites. Komatsu 830E-AC can be counted on as the forefront mining vehicle of prominent mining operations world-wide.


The Komatsu SDA16V160 engine, at 1865 kW 2500 HP with a Tier 2 emission standard, has the capacity to supply General Electric’s electric motor drive with electrical power. This kind of electric motor will produce a maximum cruising speed of up to 64 km/h in order to provide maximum productivity with efficient fuel use.


The use of an electric motor with AC power ensures better ability for climbing than the previous generation. The use of an AC electric motor also facilitates maintenance due to the fewer number of components such as commutator, brushes, flashovers and thermal limitation. This reduction in components results in lower maintenance cost.


Komatsu 830E-AC has a payload capacity of 222 metric tons with a vessel volume top capacity of 147m3 (2:1 heap) for a standard vessel. An integrated and accurate payload reading system (payload meter) helps to maximize the load to be transported, thus reducing early damage due to excessive loading (overload). Komatsu 830E-AC has the best payload capacity in its category, an advantage that would make it ready to become the mainstay vehicle in the production fleet of a large mining operation.


The Komatsu 830E-AC cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort to the operator. The integral cabin with 4 post ROPS FOPS level 2 is equipped with an air suspension operator seat plus lumbar support and armrest to ensure ultimate comfort during operation. For various purposes, there is also an additional seat for a passenger complete with a safety belt.


The tilt and telescoping steering wheel is also a standard feature for additional driving comfort. In order to cope with the hot weather on the mining site, the cabin is equipped with an air-conditioning system.


A state-ot-the-art frame design complete with a fullbutt-welder box-sectional ladder-type frame with integrated ROPS support, integrated front bumper, and steel castings at all critical stress transition zones, guarantees a super strong framework.


A dynamic electric retarder braking system with continuously rated blown grids, two-speed over-speed retarding, extended range retarding braking, and retarding breaking while in reverse  ensures perfection in the use of Komatsu 830E-AC’s braking feature.


To provide full service and product support, Komatsu has equipped each truck with KOMTRAXPlus. Using a satellite-based communication system, KOMTRAXPlus allows access to the engine’s parameter condition and the operating trends, payload, and warnings of done damage on its user-friendly web interface. The information made available through KomtraxPlus allows mechanics to review damages and engine trends, enhance the quality of repairs, and reduce unscheduled machine downtime.


Thanks to its top features, Komatsu 830E-AC is trusted by leading mining contractors in Indonesia to be part of their mainstay fleet. One of the companies is PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhup (AKT), which operates in the Central Kalimantan Tuhup Estuary mining area. At present, AKT operates 13 units of Komatsu 830E-AC on their mining sites with very satisfactory results. The machine’s optimum performance has motivated AKT to plan further additions of the unit in keeping with its production target of this year.


Supported by a reliable network throughout Indonesia, covering 18 branches, 22 site support offices, and 12 representative offices, United Tractors, as a leading heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia, is well prepared to provide the best service to all its customers, including  Komatsu 830E-AC users. Services provided since the selection procedure and compliance with working conditions process, convenient buying and financing policy, excellent after-sale service supported by qualified human resources has won the customers’ confidence to opt for Komatsu 830E-AC as their heavy duty dump truck for their mining business in Indonesia.