UT Launching Eco-Smart Excavator Komatsu PC195LC-8

13 April 2017

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) and the Komatsu principal launched the newest hydraulic excavator PC195LC-8 on April 11, 2017.

Taking into account that almost half of the market-share of heavy equipment in Indonesia has been dominated with the 20-ton excavator, United Tractors, with experience more than 40 years in heavy equipment in Indonesia, together with Komatsu presented the Komatsu PC195LC-8 specifically designed for the construction sector.

Product of Japan technology and an alternative for the 20-ton class excavator, the Komatsu PC195LC-8 is produced in Indonesia with the eco-smart excavator concept. The concept is a reflection of its superiority in fuel efficiency, optimum production, various applications in the construction sector, and the excellent United Tractors' after sale support, altogether making it an excellent performance and quality and yet competitively-priced excavator.

Fuel Efficiency

Weighing 19.5 tons, Komatsu PC195LC-8 has shown low fuel consumption supported with the 4-cylinder engine with the common-rail injection technology, work modes, and low fuel consumption guidance displayed on the monitor. Tests conducted in customers’ locations showed a fuel consumption of 14 litters per hour in the economy mode and 16 litters per hour in the power mode, depending on work application.

Optimum Productivity

Komatsu PC195LC-8 is prepared to support maximized productivity, equipped with 123-horsepower engine, 800-milimeter shoe, 0.9m3bucket capacity, and the effective reach, thanks to a combination of 2.9-meter arm and 5.15-meter boom.

Fit for various applications in construction sector

Komatsu PC195LC-8 is suitable for various construction sector applications: material loading, cut and fill, sloping, and stone crushing. Not only is the excavator capable of using the Most Efficient type bucket attachment designed with low digging/shovelling resistance, it can also use other attachments like the hydraulic breaker.       

Guaranteed Excellent After-sales Service

For its after-sale monitoring, Komatsu PC195LC-8 is equipped with the Komatsu Machine Tracking System (KOMTRAX) and the Equipment Management Monitoring System, which help customers locate the excavator and record its operation and condition, accessible anytime and anywhere and displayed in multiple languages including Indonesian.  

Not only does it offer reliable specifications, Komatsu PC195LC-8 comes equipped with United Tractors' after sales known as UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS) in form of certainty in spare parts delivery, mechanics, and repair time if problems arise. The UT GPS is supported with distribution networks of 20 branch offices, 22 site supports, 10 representative offices, 14 mine offices, and 8 support points across the country.

The birth of Komatsu PC195LC-8 is an answer for customers’ need for a 20-ton class excavator with excellent performance and quality and competitive price to support in particular the construction sector.