Komatsu PC1250-8R, More Resilient in Mine Area

23 May 2018

Exploitation, one of the mining processes, comprises extracting and loading sediments of valuable minerals and later transporting them to the stockpile. This mining process requires adump truck and a hydraulic excavator like Komatsu PC1250-8R, with the latter perfect for medium and big-scaled mineral and coal mining and for optimum performance if matched upwith a 60-ton class dump truck.

Komatsu PC1250-8R hydraulic excavator is specially designed for tropical mining areas in Indonesia. The excavator now comes with a longer lifetime thanks to the special cooling system for operation in an area with temperature of up to 55 0 Celsius.

The hydraulic excavator is equipped with the proven technology, resulting in high productivity and is resilient in dealing with difficult mine area. It also comes with comfort and security for operator and excellent after-sale warranty .
Big Power for High Productivity

Komatsu PC1250-8R comes in 672 HP and weighs 110,700 kg, a perfect combination for operational maneuverability in a mining area. Its power generates from the SAA6D170E-5, the Komatsu engine designed for minimum vibration and low decibel. Komatsu PC1250-8R is equipped with two working modes, the Active mode and the Economy mode that adjust the engine speed, pump flow, and pressure to a specific application. This allow the operator to handle the work job with flexibility. The Economy mode can be set in four levels, allowing the operator to achieve the optimum production at the most efficient fuel consumptionat respective level.

Resilient and Reliable
All components of Komatsu PC1250-8R are designed and produced by Komatsu. The boom and arm are designed for durability and resistant to bending and torsional stress, thanks to the large cross-sectional structure of thick steel plate and partition wall. The unit also comes with a set of electronics that have passed the manufacture test, with all hydraulic cylinders strongly sealed and electricity connectors fully protected from dirt and moisture.

Comfort and Security
To support the operator’s comfort and security, Komatsu PC1250-8R comes with great visibility, a comfortable, multi-position seat, and air-conditioned cab.

After-sale Service Warranty

As distributor of Komatsu PC1250-8R, United Tractors focuses not only on the quality but also on the after-sale, known as UT Guaranteed Product Support, a guarantee in certainty in delivery of spare parts, mechanics, and repair time should a problem arise. This after-sale service issupported with operational network of twenty branch offices, twenty-two site supports, tenrepresentative offices, and fourteen mine offices.

For further information, please contact UT Call at 1 500 072, available 24 hours.