PC200-8 New Generation I

1 August 2018

The pre-eminence feature of PC200-8 New Generation lies in its Fuel Economy capability. This feature uses state-of-the-art technology that can save fuel consumption up to 16% compared with the previous generation. This figure is obtained from the performance evaluations of operating units recorded by Komatsu Machine Tracking System (KOMTRAX) at a number of locations and on the work applications of United Tractors (UT) customers.


PC200-8 New Generation  excels in high productivity and fuel efficiency. The excavator is supported by Komatsu SAA6D107E-1’s engine technology, which has been perfected by lowering fan speeds as a result of the increased efficiency of the cooling system, minimization of hydraulic loss in the main valve and hydraulic circuit, as well as the automatic decrease in engine speed from 1400rpm to 1050rpm when idle.


In addition, to improve performance by working more efficiently and more environment friendly, PC200-8 New Generation also comes with another outstanding feature, i.e. an enhanced quality of Information & Communication Technology (ICT). Effectuating the concept of easy-to-see, the LCD monitor of this ICT feature was specifically designed with a high-resolution screen display measuring more than 7 inches with 13 available language choices, including Bahasa Indonesia, to support the work of all operators world-wide.


The starting display of this feature provides information on how to operate the energy-efficient PC200-8 New Generation, accommodating the needs of the operator, a display also known as ECO Guidance. With this feature, the operator can select a number of options to check operation records, ECO Guidance Records, Average Fuel Consumption Logs, etc. Furthermore, on the E-mode menu available in this feature, the operator can save energy even when working using an attachment. Skidding links and an additional service valve can also be added as standard components to the specifications.


PC200-8 New Generation also comes with a certified Rolling Over Protection Structure (ROPS) cabin to comply with the government’s regulations, i.e the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No. 555, on occupational health and safety in the mining industry.


Overall, PC200-New Generation incorporates the “3 Circles of the Future” solution, i.e:

- Indispensable, excelling in its product performance and irreplaceable product support

- Intelligence, leading with its sophisticated ICT features

- Innovation, outstanding with its fuel saving technology


To assist the product support of PC200-8 New Generation, United Tractors also provides a 24-hour contact center service called UT Call. UT Call is the answer to the needs of customers who require fast, responsive and professional service related to their heavy equipment products. To contact United Tractors, dial 1500072.