More Flexible Access to Komtrax through IOS

28 September 2016

“United Tractors (UT) again gives its customers an ease. The rapid advancement of technology keeps United Tractors and Komatsu on innovating to stay ahead. The innovation takes many forms, one of which is that at present, Komatsu Machine Tracking System (KOMTRAX) is now accessible through iOS, particularly the iPad tablet.”

Gaining information is no longer difficult in this era of high technology. High mobility activities push the majority of global community to pick and use minimalist gadget to fulfill their needs of information. Therefore, in order to keep customers always updated about their heavy equipments, United Tractors and Komatsu do not only create a friendly-to-use system to monitor the condition, position and operation of heavy equipments from long distance called KOMTRAX, but also make sure of its flexibility by making all those information accessible through iOS particularly the iPad tablet.

How to Access KOMTRAX Through iOS

Customers can use the safari browser when accessing KOMTRAX through iOS by using the same web address when accessing through the microsoft windows, which is  The difference lays on the browser, for it was using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome when accessing through the microsoft windows.

In overall, the information about heavy equipment that can be accessed by the customers be it through iPad or microsoft windows remains the same as there is no difference in appearance between the two.