UD Telematics Services

5 July 2018

“UD Telematics provides real-time monitoring and support that can be used as a means to maximize profitability by reducing maintenance cost.”

United Tractors, as the sole distributor of UD Trucks in Indonesia, presents UD Telematics. A remote monitoring system that allows you to get the latest information of your fleet in real-time. The system is not only easy to use, but also ultimately resulting in significant cost savings while improving efficiency and productivity.

UD Trucks Quester will have a lot of advantages because UD Telematics provides a regular preventive maintenance planning, remote assistance or fuel advice services which enable to solve fault quickly. It also gives an easy-to-read report on fuel utilization. After some certain areas are being identified, the improvements of driving behavior will lead to more efficient fuel consumption while reducing operational costs.

Tracking and tracing your vehicles location have never been easier with only one click. UD Telematics services could also monitor the fuel consumption on your fleet to optimize the efficiency. It also could find the best route which prevent the crowd for cost and time-savings