Tadano Introduces the Newest Cargo Crane, TM-ZX1505HRS

3 May 2019

As the number one of hydraulic crane manufacturer in the world, Tadano has various types of hydraulic crane which is Tadano truck mounted crane or Cargo crane. It is designed to be user friendly and has good mobility and safety. Based on its category, Tadano has three cargo crane types: small, medium and large size vehicle.

The newly developed TM-ZX1505HRS is the biggest model in Tadano's cargo crane family. Tadano has developed the TM-ZX1505HRS, a high-capacity cargo crane packed with Japanese technologies. For large size vehicle, Tadano introduces the newest model TM-ZX1505HRS that offers three main core values, which are safety, quality and efficient.

As safety is one of the main core values, Tadano cargo crane TM-ZX1505HRS features an Automatic Moment Limiter (AML) system which is able to monitor boom length, ekevation angle, swing position, and weight of load being lifted. The AML system will stop crane operations during an overload to prevent the boom from crack and tip over.

Tadano cargo crane TM-ZX1505HRS advanced in design and quality.It has boom with a heptagonal design (7 sides) which is thin and light though still strong. It is able to increase the result of lifting capacity.

Tadano cargo crane TM-ZX1505HRS has a maximum boom length of 18,5 meters. The capacity of Tadano cargo crane itself can carry loads up to 8.750 kg at a distance of 3.5 meters using a standard 6-part line crane.

Tadano cargo crane TM-ZX1505HRS equipped with the radio remote system to display the information when the crane is working on the controller screen that could make it efficient with only one operator.

In addition, Tadano cargo crane TM-ZX1505HRS has safety-eyes system. This system allows the calculation of the weight of the load placed on the cargo deck, in order to recognize stability based on its load. It affects the selection of the most appropiate load chart by the AML system on the unit.