Preventive Maintenance Package (PMP)

1 August 2018

PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) makes an attractive offer for its customers for the purchase of every Komatsu’s heavy-duty equipment of these types, PC130F-7, PC160LC-8, and PC200-8M0.”


United Tractors is the sales agent of heavy-duty equipment. United Tractors also provides prime services through the guaranteed after-sales services called UT Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS). This service is provided to support the customers’ operation to be able to succeed in their business.


When purchasing the heavy-duty equipment at United Tractors, a customer will receive the guaranteed standard facilities for a full year with unlimited hours of free regular maintenance services of every HM 250, 500, and 1000; and free spare-parts for the maintenance of every HM 250 (the spare-parts for HM 500 and 1000 are provided by the customer)


For the specific customers of Komatsu heavy-duty equipment of these types, PC130F-7, PC160LC-8, and PC200-8M0, UT gives an attractive offer through the Preventive Maintenance Package (PMP) program. The preventive maintenance is the maintenance program with the purpose to prevent the occurrence of disturbances or damages on the heavy-duty equipment. The maintenance is performed without having to wait for any sign of disturbances or damages.


The offered PMP program includes regular maintenance of the heavy-duty equipment for a two-year period or after the use of 6000 HM, aimed to cut down the maintenance cost incurred by a customer. The customer also does not need to worry so much, as the maintenance of the heavy-duty equipment will be carried out by United Tractors' certified mechanics.


Seven Benefits of Having a Preventive Maintenance Package (PMP)

By joining PMP program, a customer will gain many benefits, among others:


1. Additional Guarantee

Besides having the full year of unlimited hours of standard guarantees, a customer also receives an additional guarantee in the second year, or equals to 6,000 HM of the vehicle’s usage, specifically for the following components:

  • Komatsu PC130F-7

Engine, swing motor, swing machinery, swing circle, travel motor, final drive, main pump, and control valve.

  • Komatsu PC160LC-8, PC200-8M0

Engine, swing motor, swing machinery, swing circle, travel motor, final drive, main pump and injector.


2. Regular Maintenance by UT’s Reliable Mechanics

Every customer will be entitled to routine and timely maintenance services by United Tractors reliable mechanics. The regular maintenance will be conducted by United Tractors in intervals of vehicle use of HM 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5500, and 6000.


3. Genuine Spare-parts of Komatsu Heavy-duty Equipment

A customer does not have to worry as United Tractors provides the guarantee that the spare-parts used in the replacement will be the genuine spare-parts of Komatsu heavy-duty equipment.


4. Routine Monthly Reports

United Tractors provides the monthly reports on the maintenance of the heavy-duty equipment for every fold of 1000 HM, so the customer will be well-informed on the condition of the equipment.


5. Cost Saving

By having the PMP program, a customer will be able to save the costs on spare-part replacements and regular maintenance services of the heavy-duty equipment because United Tractors offers special prices through this program.


6. Fast and Easy Process of Guaranteed Claims

If the heavy-duty equipment’s operation has met certain conditions for maintenance, the customer just needs to inform it to United Tractors. United Tractors mechanics will immediately come to give the required maintenance in accordance with the agreed time.


7. Easy Payment Scheme

The cost of PMP program is included in the purchase price of the heavy-duty equipment, so the customer can incorporate the cost in the leasing instalments.


The remaining unused spare-parts at the end of the two-year period of the regular maintenance within PMP program, but with the vehicle’s operation still under 6000 HM, will be given to the customer.


To purchase United Tractors' heavy-duty equipment with a PMP program, a customer can call the contact centre or UT Call at this number 1 500 072.