#ScaniaTransJawa Bus Ticket Promo to Go Anywhere

30 August 2019

Blitar is one of a city in Java which located 167 km from Southwest of Surabaya. It is also known as the hometown and burial of the First President of Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno. Blitar has many tourism destinations that you can visit such as:

1. Penataran Temple

It is the grandest and widest Hindu temple in East Java, which was completed during the 15th century of Majapahit empire. Currently Penataran temple is in the process of being nominated as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Karangsari Starfruit Agro-Tourism

Do you know that the best quality of star fruit is produced in Blitar? You need to visit Karangsari Starfruit Agro-Tourism. You can feel the experiences of picking star fruit directly from the tree and enjoy the sweetness if typical star fruit in Blitar.

3. Maliran Deer Feeding

Located in the same area of Kesambi Trees Park, you can interact directly with deer such as feed and touch those cute animals. This destination is perfect for educational facilities and friendly for family traveler.

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