Lifting Unit with a High Rate of Flexibility, Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX

1 August 2018

Tadano Ltd. set up its first overseas branch in 1973. In the same year, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) became the official distributor of Tadano in Indonesia and jointly established a strong position in the international sector of hydraulic cranes.

The range of Tadano products distributed by United Tractors includes mobile cranes, telescopic crawler cranes, and cargo cranes. One type of product with fantastic sales record in Indonesia is the Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX, a rough terrain mobile type crane.

This product is generally operated in the mining and oil and gas sectors. In the mining sector, this unit has proven its superiority in maintenance operations, tools assembly and other mining activities on the site. As for the oil and gas industry, the Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX functions as operational support, used in the transportation of pipes, maintenance, and for other supporting purposes.

Outstanding Features of the Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX

The Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX’s high degree of flexibility allows for effective operations on narrow terrains both on and off road with a maximum capacity of 50 tons due to its 3 steering modes, namely: 2-wheel front, 4-wheel coordinated, and 4-wheel crab.

By enhancing the GR-500EX’s traveling ability, Tadano has effected the crane’s steady movement at an average speed of up to 50 km/h. Equipped with Tadano’s latest ‘moment limiter’ system, called AML-C, the vehicle is able to perform in utter safety at all times. Even when the crane operates in asymmetrical elongated outrigger conditions, AML-C will 2 automatically detect the width of each outrigger at the front, back, right, and left sides to maximize the ‘work value’ or lifting capability in each area independently.

The Tadano Rough Terrain Crane GR-500EX has a 4-section round-shaped boom with a maximum length of 34.7 meters. Its quality is undisputed due to its high tensile steel material resulting in a lighter-weight and extremely sturdy boom.

After-Sales Service
In order to provide its customers with quality after-sales service especially for Tadano products, United Tractors presents the following facilities:

1. 1-year warranty
2. A free 4-time periodical service package
3. Delivery training for the customers’ operators and mechanics
4. Refresh training for operators 6 months after delivery training
5. 24-hour availability of skilled United Tractors mechanics

In addition, customers in need of fast, efficient, and professional assistance with their heavy equipment product can call UT’s 24-hour contact center called UT Call at 1 500 072.