A Heavy Equipment Maintenance Application, UT Connect: Keep Track of Your Machine's Health All in Your Grasp

8 June 2020

United Tractors, Jakarta: Each customer wish their heavy equipment to be operated optimally and efficiently. Hence, a routine monitoring are needed such as fuel use, the amount of time used, as well as the operation heavy equipment characteristics. Due to these necessity, United Tractors present a heavy equipment maintenance application called UT Connect with a variety of main features, including Working History feature.

Working History feature on UT Connect

Working History is part of My Equipment feature for checking the machine’ health condition. Customers may find information entire fully details of Working History which are divided into 3 categories.

Firstly, information regarding fuel usage. The fuel usage for each unit can be seen in detail on the "Fuel Consumption" page. Moreover, the track record for heavy equipment fuel usage can be seen for a past month.

Second, about heavy equipment time operation. The time of heavy equipment is being operated is displayed on the "Working Hour" page.

The graph will show a comparison of total hours when the engine is turned on, or idle, as well as when the machine is working. Total Working Hour, Icon Idling Hour, Actual Working Hour will be displayed in the current week and month.

Last but not least, concerning the usage of heavy equipment characteristic. On the "Working Characteristic" page, there is information about  total time consume using ATT (attachments and traveling on heavy equipment). Furthermore the traveling data will givesome recommendations for using traveling mode will emerge. It can be taken into consideration by customers in evaluating further activities.

Aside from that, the "Working Characteristic" page also contains information for total working hours of machine, namely Power mode, Eco Mode, and Breaker Mode which related of fuel usageat each function.

All data on the Working History can be seen since previous week up to amonth ahead in graphical form which can assist customer to do heavy equipment maintenance and take a report data easily.

With this complete information on the Working History feature, optimistically may enlarge customers for maintaining and evaluating the operation machine monthly thus itsperformance more effective and efficient.

UT Connect: An Easy Access of Your Machine Conditions and Its Current Status